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Get to Know the Heart and Soul of a Political Warrior

It has been said that great leaders are not born; they are made. Such has been the case with Daniel Webster, though from the beginning, his very name set a standard of vision and achievement. The story of his life is the classic American tale. It is a story of vision and accomplishment, a story of victory through hard times, and a story of the battle for a better America.


Born in 1949, to Dennis and Mildred Webster, Dan spent the first 8 years of his life in Charleston, West Virginia. His early remembrances are those of a barefoot boy splashing through creeks, and chasing after his older sister, Pam. The Websters were simple people who planted a garden, worked hard, and lived within their means.

In 1957, Dan began having trouble with his ears, and the local doctor recommended moving to a southern climate. At this advice, the Webster family migrated to Florida, and settled in the heart of downtown Orlando – surrounded by orange trees and dirt roads.

Florida was perfect for the Webster family. In 1961, Dennis began Webster Air Conditioning, the family business that Dan now runs. Daniel will never forget working all those long summer days, crawling up into tiny attics to install the new phenomenon of air conditioning. At that time, labor was $0.75 an hour and a rope would be tied around his legs to pull him back out of the tight attic, drenched in sweat, once the job was done.

Growing up, Dan loved tinkering with electronics, and building whatever he could get his hands on. After graduating from Evans High School, he attended Georgia Tech and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Life was going well for Daniel Webster. He was actively involved in his church, First Baptist Church of Pine Hills (now First Baptist Church of Central Florida), met and married Sandra Jordan, was raising his two small sons, built his house with his own hands, and ran the family business. Little did Dan Webster know that his life was about to change.

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