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Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Is A Healing Superfood

If you’ve been following the informative articles about healing foods on myhealingkitchen.com, you know that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a true healing genie in a bottle. It balances blood sugar, cools inflammation, soothes arthritis pain, lowers cholesterol and helps to keep your arteries free of plaque. In fact, EVOO is such a healing wondersuperfood, it benefits every part of the human body.There’s just one hitch. The inflammation-clobbering nutrient in EVOO, oleocanthal, is at its peakhighest just after pressing and fades to almost nothing in 12 months. Unlike red wine, olive oil doesn’t get better with age.More like fresh juice, olive oil is at its very best (flavor and nutritional value) right after being pressed. Now, wait a click=’ShowSpinOptions(8)’>second and go read the label of the olive oil you’re currently using. No pressing date, right?On your next trip to the grocery store you can examine the labels of all the EVOO brands on the shelf — but I’ll save you the trouble: You won’t find a pressing date on any of them — not even expiration dates.Tragically, Most Americans Have Never Tasted REAL Olive Oil!( But you can get a $39 bottle of it free ifyou’re one of the first 240 people to RSVP)The big issue for us here in the U.S. is that almost no genuine fresh-pressed olive oil ever makes it to our stores. The vast majority of olive oil sold in the U.S. gets shipped many months (or even a year!) after pressing — and it travels by molasses-slow cargo ships.As a result, EVOO’s fresh, spicy flavor and nutritional value are greatly diminished by the time it reaches your local store. And then it may languish for additional months on store shelves, losing even more flavor and nutrition.Olive oil marketers purposely omit putting the pressing date on their labels for just this reason. Instead, they spend lots of money on fancy containers and pretty labels so consumers will think their inferior product is worth its premium price.Gourmet chefs and savvy foodies know this secret (and now you do, too). So they never waste their money on this stale store-bought stuff. Instead, they’ve discovered a simple and affordable way to bring the freshest-pressed EVOO into their homes — thanks to one remarkable man …Meet T. J. Robinson, “The Olive Oil Hunter”A one-time gourmet food writer/editor, T. J. came up with idea of finding the world’s best boutique EVOOs — and flying them directly to the kitchens of America’s top gourmet chefs and passionate foodies immediately after they’re pressed!When he heard about My Healing Kitchen and our Test Kitchen, he sent me three of his oils fresh from Spain for a taste test. (Keep reading to see how you can get a free bottle of this amazing EVOO, too.) But back to my taste test …Whoa! I was overwhelmed by the rich complexity … the deep green color … and the bright, sunny flavors. They were grassy, herby, fruity and intense — simultaneously, just like a complex wine. This was the real McCoy EVOO you only get in the best European restaurants and the backroad bistros around the Mediterranean.And then came the oil’s remarkable finish: A distinct “pepperiness” at back of the mouth, the hallmark of the very freshest oil. (This peppery tang is due to the oleocanthal, the inflammation-fighting component that begins to disappear a few months after pressing. It’s a good indicator of how fresh and healing the EVOO you’re currently using is.)My Personal Head-to-Head “Taste Test”Before my taste test, I bought a bottle of the most expensive EVOO I could find at Whole Foods. Compared to T. J.’s samples, the color was pale and the flavor was flat, “dead” and oily, making it difficult to swallow. There was only a faint hint of peppery oleocanthal.Why the difference?T.J.’s fresh-pressed oil is produced by hand on small family farms. As with fine wine, different environments bring out different flavors in the olives. When they are perfectly ripe, farmers pickharvest) the olives by hand and the oil is made on site in small batches. (Given the extraordinary flavor, it’s no wonder these farmers throw yearly “harvest parties” after the oil is pressed — and take great pride in having their EVOO judged among the oils of their peers.) And then it is immediately bottled and shipped by air to members of T.J.’s Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club.Compare this with corporate farms that don’t bother to pick their olives — they just let them fall to the ground. Then they ship the olives to a pressing factory, where they are combined with olives from other areas and all pressed together, muddying the flavors. (Sometimes heat is used to extract even more oil, which damages it and makes it go rancid sooner.) That oil sits in bottles, sometimes for years, before it finds its way to your kitchen.After one taste of T.J.’s remarkable oils, you will never settle for this inferior junk again.Now for That FREE SAMPLE and FREE RECIPE I Promised YouT.J.’s company is the sole distributor of these fresh-pressed oils in America. And just so you can experience how superior his special EVOOs are (in every way!), he will send you a FREE bottle of the very same Spanish olive oil he let me sample (retail price: $39).There’s only one little catch.But act now! Because the best EVOO comes from small, boutique growers, T.J. only has 240 bottles of this prize Spanish EVOO available. So I urge you to jump on it if you want to snag one! When they’re gone, they’re gone.Click on http://www.freshpressedoliveoil.com/aphk/. to claim your free bottle of one of the greatest olive oils on earth — and to read the intriguing story of how T.J. locates these rare treasures.How Will You Enjoy This Exotic Olive Oil?Here’s a wonderful recipe from our MHK Test Kitchen that features T.J.’s scrumptious oil. All great chefs understand that the success of their recipes depends upon the quality of their ingredients. Using T.J.’s EVOO in this recipe will make it an outstanding experience for you and your guests!Spinach-Basil PestoMakes: 8-10 servingsTotal Time: 10 minutesYou can use this traditional easy pesto on anything from pasta to vegetables to sandwiches. Experiment by combining different herbs such as rosemary, thyme or oregano with the basil. The exotic flavor of T. J.’s fresh-pressed olive will really make this recipe shine!INGREDIENTS:1 cup fresh basil1 cup fresh spinach1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil2 tablespoons pine nuts3 cloves garlic, choppedINSTRUCTIONS:Combine all ingredients except for olive oil in a food processor and mix until creamy. Drip in the olive oil to emulsify.NUTRITION DATA:Serving Size: 21 gCalories: 124Calories From Fat: 115Total Fat: 13 gSaturated Fat: 2 gCholesterol: 2 mgSodium 4 mgPotassium: 43 mgTotal Carbohydrates: 1 gDietary Fiber: 0 gSugars: 0 gProtein: 2 gGL: 0Related Blogs

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